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Why is the Raymond mill spraying powder outside?


During the operation of mechanical equipment, there will be some abnormal appearances. Today joyal mining machine talks about the solution of spraying the imported material of Raymond mill.

1. Check whether the pipeline is broken or leaking, because the air volume inside the Raymond mill is circulated. If there is a leak, it may cause the airflow to swirl and blow the material out of the feed port;

2. Check whether the dust bag is blocked. If the dust bag accumulates too much powder, it will affect the normal exhaust and cause powder spraying at the feed inlet. You can hit the dust bag with a wooden stick to make the dust on the bag scattered (in daily production) , Tap the cloth bag with a wooden stick once in a few hours);

3. The feed port was originally used to feed raw materials into the mill cabin. If powder is sprayed outside, the raw materials cannot be sent in. Generally, in this case, you can check the motor circuit first to see if there is any short circuit caused by the circuit. The motor of the main engine caused by reverse rotation, the same, this is also suitable for users who install Raymond machine for the first time;

4. Check the pipe leading to the dust collector. There is a straight pipe on the tee, and there is a damper on it. If the damper is closed or too small, it will also cause powder spraying;

5. Check whether there is a large amount of materials accumulated in the air duct of the main engine. You can open the cleaning observation door on the air duct to thoroughly clean the air duct. Because the material with high humidity is processed by the mill for a long time, a part of these residues will remain in the air duct. The accumulation of materials will increase over time, which will cause the materials to be overfilled and sprayed out.

If your Raymond pulverizer has checked the above content, and there will be powder spraying, you can contact our online customer service and our technical staff will take care of it.

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