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What to pay attention to when choosing an 800-ton milling production line


We often receive such inquiries from customers who want to buy a machine for grinding ore. In fact, if you simply want to grind stones, you only use one mill, but if you have high requirements for output and fineness, the recommended milling production line has better results. The mill powder production line is usually composed of jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, mill main machine, auxiliary machine, fan, centralized electric control and other equipment. Shanghai Joyal mining machine can be equipped with high-pressure suspended roller mill or over-pressure trapezoidal mill according to the needs of users. Joyal mining machine also introduces the problems that cannot be ignored when purchasing a milling production line.
First, when we purchase the mill production line, we must choose a reputable and capable mill manufacturer. Only the auxiliary equipment of the milling machine produced by a powerful manufacturer can guarantee the quality, and the equipment in our production can have fewer failures and fewer maintenance.

Then, we have to investigate the specific situation of the manufacturer on the spot, because now is the era of networked information, and there are all kinds of things on the Internet. Although it has brought us great convenience, there is also a lot of false information, so on-site inspection is needed. , Look at the manufacturer’s production strength, look at the factory’s plant construction, and understand the manufacturer’s input and output.
Also, it depends on the use of the manufacturer’s milling machine. Try to go to the user who has purchased the manufacturer’s equipment to find out the specific use situation and the actual production situation of the equipment. Only by observing the user’s situation can we better Good understanding of our own production needs.
There is also the after-sales service of the manufacturer. We should not only pay attention to the strength of the manufacturer, the quality of the equipment, etc., but the after-sales service is also very important. And this is also a manifestation of the strength of the manufacturer, but it is often easier to ignore. During the later use of the mill equipment, we can contact the after-sales service in time to help us solve any situation. This is also a saving for our subsequent production. Make a lot of investment.
When purchasing a mill and its milling production line, you can certainly consider the Shanghai Joyal mining machine. You are welcome to visit the factory and communicate.

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