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What should be paid attention to in the feeding operation of Raymond mill?


The feeding of Raymond mill has different forms, including manual feeding, hydraulic feeding system, and automatic speed-adjusting feeding system. Among them, the automatic speed-adjusting feeding system is the most widely used method, which can be used according to Raymond mill. The processing capacity of the machine can automatically adjust the feeding speed, which is a more convenient feeding form.
Raymond mill feeding size, the size of the material should strictly comply with the requirements of civilized regulations, when large pieces of material enter the grinding chamber, it will cause the equipment discharge port to be blocked. For the properties of the material, if the water content of the material is too large, it will adhere to the wall of the grinding chamber, resulting in difficulty in cutting. Therefore, for materials with a large water content, the fan should be dried first, and when the requirements specified by the materials are met, production can be performed.
In the production of Raymond mill, it is strictly forbidden for non-grinded materials to enter the grinding chamber. If hard abrasives enter the grinding chamber during feeding, it will cause damage to the parts. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden for non-abrasive objects to enter the grinding chamber, thereby affecting the normal production work. When feeding the Raymond mill, the operator can’t feed the material fast or slow. If the feeding speed is too fast, the discharge port will be blocked, and if the speed is too slow, it will affect the production efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and continuity of the feeding of the Raymond machine.
The uniformity of the gate gap is also an influencing factor that cannot be ignored, and it is especially important for the rear of the grinding system. The support at one end of the gate of some Raymond mills is now adjustable. In order to ensure the uniformity of feeding at a small feeding flow, special attention should be paid to the straightness of the knife edge of the material gate in two directions when machining parts.
The feeding system of the Raymond mill is also an important component of the equipment. If you encounter feeding problems when using the Raymond mill, you can consult Joyal Mining Machine.

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