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What is the fineness of the milling machine?


After the ore is mined, it needs to be crushed repeatedly by the crusher, and then it will be crushed by the mill before it becomes powder, and the different types of mills used will also make the powder fineness different, which will also make them in the scope of use. different from the field. And under the advocacy of environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving, the utilization rate of resources is improved, and the requirements for powder fineness are becoming more and more stringent.
When the mill grinds materials, if the required fineness of the finished product is high, the speed of the analysis machine inside the mill is relatively high, which makes the coarser analysis after grinding unable to pass, and needs to be re-grinded , which prolongs the time of the powder in the mill, that is to say, the quantity of finished powder discharged from the mill per unit time decreases, so its production capacity decreases. Similarly, when the powder fineness requirement is low, analysis The speed of the machine is slow, and most of the powder can pass through, so more finished powder is discharged per unit time, so the output is higher.
In the production process of the mill, the adjustment of air volume and fineness needs to be carried out frequently. In order to meet the needs of production, it is necessary to master some common sense of mill adjustment. Today Zhuoya Mining Machinery will share with you several commonly used methods for adjusting the fineness of mills:
Spacer ring diameter, the size of the spacer ring diameter determines the residence time of particles in the crushing chamber. The larger the diameter of the spacer, the shorter the residence time of the particles, the larger the particle size of the crushed product, and the higher the output, and vice versa;
The air volume can be controlled by adjusting the butterfly valve at the outlet end of the pulverizer. As the air volume increases, the particle size of the product increases, and vice versa;
Slag discharge volume, adjust the size of the slag discharge hole of the slag discharge device to control the slag discharge volume, which can improve product quality and purity; the gap between the grading impeller and the spacer ring, if the gap is reduced, the product will become thinner; if the gap is increased, the product will become thicker.
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