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What equipment is needed for limestone powder production?


Limestone powder can be used to make calcium carbide, soda ash, bleaching powder, etc., and can also be used as filler. Limestone powder is also useful in building materials and refractory materials. Limestone is the main raw material for cement, concrete aggregate, etc. How to process large pieces of raw limestone into the required limestone powder?

This requires the use of two main equipment: crusher and mill. The crusher is the front-end equipment in limestone production. The crusher is used to crush large pieces of limestone. It is first coarsely crushed and then broken into small pieces, and then the cone crusher or impact crusher is used for crushing. The granulation is better and smaller. Jaw crusher is required for the early processing of large stones. The limestone particles broken into particles need to be ground by a grinder. Here we recommend using a Raymond grinder. Our company also has other types of mills, such as high-pressure suspension roller mills and ultra-fine mills. We recommend the use of Raymond mills, which have more advantages in terms of cost performance and economy. The grinding fineness of Raymond mill is between 80 and 300 mesh, which can fully meet the demand for limestone powder.

Why use crushers and grinders? The purpose of crushing is to break large pieces of limestone into a suitable grinding particle size. The size of the mined limestone can be several meters, but in order to meet the feeding requirements of different grinding mills, it usually needs to be crushed to tens of millimeters. The purpose of grinding is to produce products. According to the different requirements of product fineness, a suitable type of grinding machine is selected. Generally, a Raymond mill is used.

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