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Superfine grinding machine is suitable for wollastonite grinding


Wollastonite is a kind of triclinic crystal system, thin plate-shaped crystals, and the aggregates are radial or fibrous. The color is white, sometimes with light gray or light red tones. Glass luster, the cleavage surface shows pearl luster. After wollastonite products are processed, they are mainly sold as lump ore or fine ore below 325 mesh. Only a few factories can produce ultra-fine wollastonite products of 625, 800, and 1250 mesh. Needle-shaped wollastonite powder, modified wollastonite powder and wollastonite composite pigments and other products with high technical content are still blank. When studying the development of wollastonite, sufficient attention should be paid to the development and deep processing of these products.
Wollastonite has good chemical corrosion resistance, good thermal stability and dimensional stability, glass and pearl luster, low water absorption and oil absorption, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, and is mainly used as a reinforcing filler for polymer-based composite materials, such as papermaking , Ceramics, cement, rubber, plastics and other raw materials or fillers. Therefore, the value of wollastonite powder as a filler material in the fields of plastics, rubber, ceramics, coatings and building materials will become higher and higher. The distribution of domestic wollastonite resources is not available in every region. It is only abundant in Jilin, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Qinghai, Liaoning and other places. Therefore, in these regions, vigorously promote and publicize wollastonite mills, and there will be a good market. prospect.

Practitioners of wollastonite can use ultrafine mills to process and grind to obtain stone powder in the range of 10-325 mesh, which can be applied to related industries to obtain value. However, because the standard of wollastonite powder processed by ordinary mills is lower If it is low, its sales price will not be very high, and there are more mining companies that only sell raw ore to obtain benefits, which will inevitably reduce profits while reducing costs.
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