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How to solve the heat of the mill equipment


Mill equipment will encounter many problems during the operation process. Some small problems can be solved by customers by themselves, but some more professional problems may be unfamiliar to customers. At this time, customers need to consult the manufacturer to solve them. Free for new and old customers to solve a series of different problems encountered, here to tell you about the solution to the problem of serious heat when the stone powder machine is working.

What should I do if the temperature of the grinding chamber of the grinding equipment is too high? The reason why the temperature of the grinding chamber rises is that after the Raymond mill is used for a long time, the sealing performance of the high-pressure grinding mill equipment becomes poor, resulting in the leakage of lubricating oil. Not only can the temperature of the bearing increase, but the increase in temperature will seriously heat the parts and easily cause damage to the parts. After the temperature rises, the flexibility of the operation of the parts will decrease, and the materials will also be polluted. Therefore, the following measures should be taken: specific measure:

Pay attention to the working state of each lubrication point of the superfine mill, such as bearings, grinding rollers, etc. The bearing and grinding rollers can easily cause the temperature to rise. We must regularly and quantitatively add oil to the lubricating parts to ensure high-pressure grinding. The good working environment of each component of the powder machine increases the flexibility between the operation of each component, thereby reducing the friction between the contact surfaces and prolonging the service life of the equipment. According to the working conditions, the ventilation of the mill room can be adjusted appropriately, so that the external air flow and the air flow in the mill room can have convection, so that the temperature in the mill room can be slowly lowered and the temperature of the equipment can be prevented from being too high.

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