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How to solve the dust problem of the micropowder production line?


A large amount of dust in the grinding powder spills out and enters the air, which will seriously pollute the air and destroy the ecological balance. The haze we often see is a good example. Micro powder grinding is generally used in the industrial industry. The dust will contain tiny heavy metal particles, which cannot be filtered out by the respiratory system after being absorbed by the human body. The consequence of direct inhalation into the body is the harm to the body. of workers are seriously threatened.
So, how do micron mill manufacturers eradicate dust pollution? Our company is a manufacturer of micro-powder grinding equipment. In order to solve the problem of dust pollution, the micron mill products we produce are equipped with a pulse dust collector or a bag filter, which can control the generation and diffusion of dust in the micron mill production line to the greatest extent.
For mill production enterprises, under the call of the country’s green production, under the tide of green production, it is even more necessary to take measures to control the dust pollution used in the production of micro-powder mills, and they are more reluctant to replace the micro-powder equipment with less pollution. Since then, not only has the dust problem not been solved, these enterprises are easily eliminated and face closures.
We suggest that users of micro-powder mills should not only update new micro-powder mill equipment, but also establish strict inspection and management systems, such as ventilation and dust removal, closed operations, improvement of processes, scientific management, establishment of systems, equipped with special personnel for supervision, regular dust testing and Check work and more.

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