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How should we deal with Raymond mill failure?


Among ore grinding equipment, Raymond mill is a common grinding equipment, and everyone should be familiar with it. However, this equipment is also a mechanical equipment, so the mechanical equipment may suffer from oxidation, rust and aging. So how should we deal with these seemingly small problems but hidden major hidden dangers? You will find out below.
Prevention: For equipment problems, the biggest problem is that we have not done a good job in prevention. The Raymond mill should be stored in a dry room, away from moisture. If it is stored outdoors, it should be placed on a flat ground and covered with wooden boards; try not to do production work that causes rust.
Maintenance: I believe everyone will hear the word maintenance no matter where they are. Maintenance is just as the name suggests. As long as adequate maintenance is done, a series of problems with the equipment will be solved. Seems a bit exaggerated. But no, only after we try it will you find the effect. Maintenance is very important. Doing it well and doing it enough are two different concepts.
However, the Raymond mill equipment we produce is coated with anti-rust paint! Some manufacturers abandon anti-rust paint in order to save costs, but anti-rust paint is indispensable for the equipment we produce. Only more perfect equipment can get good marketing. Welcome to our company to discuss cooperation.