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Dust treatment and cause analysis of kaolin mill


The finished products processed by kaolin mills are used in many industries such as papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, etc. However, the problem that everyone is more concerned about when milling is dust pollution. At present, the country is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Dust belongs to air pollution. The generation of dust will cause damage to the staff on site, and the amount of dust will affect the environment.

1. When the dust content is high, it is generally more harmful and difficult to collect dust. Therefore, the particle composition is one of the important basis for solving the dust collection problem.
2. For fine dust below 5um, even particles of hydrophilic materials can only be wetted when the dust collides with water droplets at high speed. Various wet dust collectors are used to collect dust with good wettability; for dry dust collection The device should prevent wet dust with high wettability, which is easy to adhere to the wall of the device and cause agglomeration and blockage.
3. The amount of charge of the dust depends on the size, quality, humidity, temperature and other factors of the dust. The electrostatic precipitator uses the charge characteristics of the dust to collect the dust in the electric field.
4. Air diffuses due to the influence of Brownian motion, especially smoke and dust are not easy to settle and collect, and then if small particles agglomerate into large particles, it is easier to settle and collect. The strength of particle agglomeration is related to the physical and chemical properties of the particles themselves. Affected by the environment, such as humidity, pressure, ultrasonic vibration, electric field, etc., ultrasonic dust collectors use cohesion to promote collection.
5. Dust will cause an explosion when there is a spark or a certain temperature and pressure, and the dust that can explode at a lower concentration and lower temperature is more dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to explosion-proof measures when collecting combustible dust such as coal dust. In the low-oxygen environment of dust disposal, the mechanical and electrical parts of the equipment are not spark-proof or explosion-proof. The equipment is made of non-combustible materials and is easy to clean. Dust, when different dusts are mixed and collected, if the chemical and physical properties of the mixture will cause explosion, corrosion, etc., the dust must be collected separately.
Generally, the reasons for the dust caused by kaolin mills are: mechanical processing or crushing of solid materials, which is mainly reflected in kaolin milling. Dust particles formed by condensing or oxidizing vapor generated when a substance is heated in the air. Particulates formed by incomplete combustion of organic matter. The mixing of sand foundry and sand cleaning powdery substances of castings, sieving, packaging, transportation and other operations, as well as the deposited dust due to vibration or airflow movement, make the deposited dust float in the air again (generating secondary dust). Source of dust.
For the dust in the milling production line, as a mill manufacturer, we recommend that customers add dust collectors. For more questions about milling, please consult online customer service.

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