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600 mesh barite mill to select ultra-fine mill


In our country, barite has more resources. The development direction of my country’s barite industry is mainly extensive development. Therefore, the refined development of barite is undoubtedly the general trend. Barite (BaSO4) belongs to the sulfate minerals. It has the characteristics of high density, good filling properties, insoluble in water and acid, non-toxic, capable of absorbing radiation, stable chemical and thermodynamic properties, etc. It is an important non-metal mineral resources. After barite grinding has great uses, how to choose a barite grinding machine? Zhuoya Mining Machine takes you to find out

Let’s first look at the scope of application of barite. Barite can be used in more than ten industries such as chemicals, electronics, building materials, metallurgy, textiles, medicine, etc. It is mainly used as a weighting agent for oil and natural gas drilling mud (approximately 85%-90%). It has cooling bits and reinforcement wells. Control the pressure of crude oil and natural gas, thereby stabilizing oil and gas production and preventing blowout accidents. Secondly, it is used as a barium chemical raw material (5%-10%) to produce basic barium salts (barium sulfate, barium chloride, barium carbonate), and then produce various barium compounds such as lithopone, barium hydroxide, and barium oxide. Other uses include fillers, mineralizers for cement, etc. (<5%).
The ultra-fine pulverizer produced by Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machinery can freely adjust the grinding fineness between 400-600 mesh. About the characteristics of the milling machine, you can consult our online customer service, superfine milling machine [feed size]: ≤10mm, [production capacity]: 1-22t/h, [finished product fineness]: 0.04-0.005mm
If you need to know more details about the mill, please consult Joyal mining machine online customer service now, Zhuoya mining machine looks forward to your consultation.

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