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ZJJF Series Flotation Machine

ZJJF Series Flotation Machine

ZJJF series flotation machine is designed on the basis of principle of Wei Muke flotation machine. It is an ideal self-inspiratory mechanical agitation type flotation machine. The machine has the following features: inspiratory capacity is relatively stable; solid particles suspend better, Impeller installation is shallow depth, Stator has long life, Liquid surface is balance and high Sorting Efficiency. Generally, ZJJF series flotation machine is always applied with ZSF series flotation machine to form a joint unit; ZSF flotation machine is used for inhalation slot of pulp self-absorption while ZJJF series flotation machine is used for DC slot. Thus, operations space is level configuration without foam pump to get high sorting indicators. ZJJF series and ZSF series also play their respective advantages.

Technical data

Model Specification ZJJF-1.1 ZJJF-2.8 ZJJF-4
Effective Volume (m3) 1.1 2.8 4
Impeller Diameter (mm) 280 350 410
Impeller speed (r/min) 443 360 305
Scraper Speed (r/min) 18 16 16
Capacity (m3/min) 0.35-1.1 1-2.8 2-4
Impeller motor Model ZY132M-4 ZY160L-6 ZY160L-6
Power (KW) 7.5 11 11
Speed (r/min) 1440 970 970
Scraper motor Model YZ90S-7 ZY100L-6 ZY100L-6
Power (KW) 1.1 1.51.5 1.5
Speed (r/min) 1400 940 940