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Will you choose wet and dry ball mills?


What is the difference between wet ball mill and dry ball mill? Generally, wet ball mill is widely used. Most stones can be ground by wet ball mill. The structure of wet ball mill is simple, and it doesn’t need so many auxiliary equipment. Water or anhydrous ethanol is needed in the grinding process. In the grinding operation, large materials will crack under the impact and grinding of ball milling medium, and the crack will gradually increase and deepen, Finally, the material is separated from the crack so as to reduce the bulk material. When a small crack appears in a large mineral, the fluidity of water will force the water flow into the crack and block it. After the impact and extrusion of the grinding medium, the crack will gradually increase, and finally the large material will be crushed. Compared with wet grinding, the efficiency of wet grinding will be higher, and the noise will be smaller, the discharge particle size will be more uniform, and there will not be much dust, which is harmful to the environment There is not much pollution.

The application scope of dry ball mill is relatively small, and the structure is also more complex, such as installing induced draft device, dust pipe and dust collector. However, dry ball mill also has its advantages, such as fast and smooth discharge, no blockage, no cooling, long service life, and no dehydration and drying of the produced materials, which saves part of the cost compared with wet ball mill.

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