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Why vsi sand maker can fight against hard ore


With the development of society in recent years, the demand for sand in the construction industry has been increasing year by year. One or two sand producers have emerged. Ores are very hard and are not easy to handle. Therefore, during the process of selecting ore processing equipment Everyone must be very careful. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is here to talk about the sand making machine machinery and equipment that can’t be lacking in the sand making process of ore. The sand making machine is a fine crushing mechanical device dedicated to ore.

Sand making machine is specialized in the production of building sand, stone equipment, widely used in sand making factories, road construction and other industries. Joyal’s focus and everyone talk about the commonly used sand making machinery and equipment in the sand production line, that is, VSI series high-efficiency vertical axis impact crusher. This sand making equipment is not only used in medium hard, extremely hard materials such as: granite, basalt , limestone, iron ore, gold, bauxite, silica, etc., can also be applied to artificial sand, stone shaping and other operations, is the ideal tool for the sand making industry.

Why VSI sand makers can fight against hard ore can be a key mechanical device that can’t be lacking in gravel processing. This is because of the superiority of Zhuosiya’s VSI sand making machine. VSI sand-making machine introduces Germany’s advanced technology to ensure the intrinsic quality and appearance quality of the equipment, greatly reducing the failure rate of the system; designing a reasonable material impact angle, reducing friction of wear parts, increasing the service life of the equipment and reducing the production Input costs.

Visi sand making machine is also an environmentally friendly sand making equipment. It installs dust removal equipment to reduce noise, reduce pollution and eliminate dust, which is conducive to environmental protection; and sand making machine equipment uses thin oil lubrication, dual oil pumps to complement oil supply, no oil flow, When there is no oil pressure, it can automatically stop, protect the equipment, and maintain a safe production site; the structure of the sand making machine is simple and reasonable, making the equipment running stable and reliable. Crushing cavity components repair and replace quickly and easily, saving time and effort.

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