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Why some people use ball mills with low work efficiency but high energy consumption


When using the ball mill, you must understand how to use the ball mill correctly. Don’t explore it yourself. If you don’t understand, ask the after-sales technicians. Don’t feel troublesome when you sharpen the knife and chop wood by mistake, because some people groping on their own, leading to the production With low efficiency and high energy consumption, I immediately felt that this ball mill was not good, what about the poor quality? I blame this one, but I don’t blame myself. The time wasted and caused a certain amount of wear and tear on the machine. So what should be paid attention to when using the ball mill?

First of all, the particle size of the material you put in should be fine enough, because the grinding particle size of the ball mill has a great influence on the productivity and energy consumption of the ball mill. Generally, under the specified grinding fineness, the finer the particle size of the ore, the greater the production capacity of the ball mill. High, and the lower the energy consumption. It is necessary to adhere to the principle of more crushing and less grinding, because the energy consumption of crushing is small, the energy consumption of grinding is high, and the crushing efficiency is higher than that of grinding. Therefore, if the production conditions allow, the crushing effect can be fully exerted and the grinding is provided Fine materials can improve the processing capacity of ore grinding.
Secondly, the diameter of the ball mill usually depends on the size, hardness, density of the material being ground, the diameter of the ball mill, the rotation speed, the density of the ball mill, the concentration of the slurry and other factors. In actual production, it is mainly determined based on the particle size composition of the material in the ball mill. If the grinding particle size is coarse, use a steel ball with a larger diameter; if the grinding particle size is relatively fine, use a steel ball with a smaller diameter.
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