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Why is the discharge fineness of the ball mill obviously too coarse?


When the ball mill grinds materials, the ground materials are obviously coarse. This phenomenon is also called “coarseness”. The grinding fineness of the ball mill is abnormal and difficult to control, which often results in a waste of energy consumption of the ball mill, and the large particle size of the ground materials will also affect subsequent selection. What is the reason for this problem? Zoya Mining Machinery will help you understand.
The “coarse” ball mill generally occurs in double-chamber open-circuit tube mills with a relatively small ratio of length to diameter. The reason is that the capacity of the coarse grinding chamber is too strong and the capacity of the fine grinding chamber is insufficient. In this case, Zhuoya mining machine technicians remind users that even if the ball mill output is appropriately reduced, observe the reasons. If the fineness of the product is still too coarse, Zhuoya mining machine technicians will introduce several methods to you, hoping to be helpful to you. .
1. Modification of equipment: Use multi-grade pellets in the coarse grinding chamber or appropriately increase the filling rate of the fine grinding chamber to increase the lifting and grinding capabilities of materials; on the lining plates one or two circles in front of the feed end, Weld a square steel (or steel bar) to each piece to form convex edges; use corrugated linings; replace seriously worn linings.
2. Change the process: The ball mill and the spiral classifier are used together to form a closed-circuit grinding process, which can effectively avoid excessive crushing and coarsening. During closed-circuit grinding, unqualified coarse particles must be forced to pass through the ball mill repeatedly until they are ground to qualified. Secondly, due to the feeding of a large amount of coarse sand, the coarse-grained content in the feed of the ball mill increases. According to the principle of dynamics, the energy is used to maximize the useful work, so the grinding speed is accelerated and the productivity is improved. In addition, due to the presence of an appropriate amount of returned sand, the impact on the product particle size caused by the fluctuation of new ore feed to the grinding machine can be eliminated.
The phenomenon of “coarse running” in the ball mill will have an impact on output and efficiency, so this should be avoided during use.

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