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What tricyclic micro-grinding technology is characterized by?


As a common mill equipment, Raymond mill and three-ring micro-grinding has a very wide range of applications in the market, mill equipment for different applications, three-ring micro-grinding mill and Raymond was in high pressure based on innovative mill equipment mill, three-ring micro-grinding can produce finished particle size of 325 mesh -2500 mesh, capacity can reach 3.8-30t / h, widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical, mining, road construction, etc. . There are more and more customers to explore micro-grinding mill grinding price, what are the advantages of three-ring micro-grinding? We will introduce you to some technical features in the following aspects.

1, high quality and low consumption.
With the same final product fineness and motor power, tricyclic micro-grinding mill and Raymond yield is high pressure grinding twice.
2, lasting less work rapid wear part.
Grinding roller and grinding ring are made of special materials, in general, their work life is more than a year, processing calcium carbonate may be up to two years tricyclic ultrafine grinding machine.
3, safety and reliability of the grinding equipment.
Because tricyclic micro-grinding and grinding chamber Have Rolling bolts problem easily damaged bearings and seals, bolts loosening due to mechanical damage is avoided.

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