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What to pay attention to when using a stone mill


 Stone mill is commonly known as Raymond mill and Raymond mill. It is mainly suitable for processing materials in non-flammable and explosive mineral, chemical, construction and other industries, and Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity below 6% such as barite, limestone, marble, dolomite, activated carbon, kaolin More than 300 kinds of materials, the finished product size can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 80 to 325 mesh.

Precautions for using a stone mill:
1. The grinding machine should have a fixed staff member to take care of during the use process, and the personnel should understand the principle performance of the machine and be familiar with the operating procedures, and must have a certain level of technology.
2. After using the machine for a period of time, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and repair. During the period, the wearing parts such as the grinding ring and the blade should be repaired or replaced in time. The grinding roller should check the connected bolts and nuts before and after use to check whether there is looseness. Phenomenon, whether the lubricant is added.
3. The grinding roller device should be replaced after more than 500 hours of use, and the bearing in the roller sleeve should be cleaned, and the wearing parts should be replaced in time. The fueling tool can be manually pumped or greased.
4. In order to make the stone mill work normally, it is necessary to formulate relevant safety operation system, and at the same time, it must be equipped with maintenance tools and corresponding accessories of grease.

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