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What methods can improve the efficiency of ball mill


If you use the ball mill for a long time, it is inevitable that the work efficiency of the ball mill will be lower and lower, and the output will not be as good as before. If this continues, it will bring you some economic losses. So what methods can improve the efficiency of the ball mill? Let’s analyze it.

The smaller the feed particle size, the better. If the feed particle size is large, the grinding time in the ball mill will be longer. In order to reach the qualified particle size, the ball mill will have to consume a lot of work to produce qualified products, which will reduce the work efficiency of the ball mill. In order to improve the work efficiency of the ball mill, it is necessary to achieve “more crushing and less grinding”, and the feed particle size should be suitable to improve the quality High efficiency of ball mill.

When the ball mill speed is kept constant, the greater the ball filling rate is, the more times the material is hit, the larger the grinding area is, the higher the grinding efficiency of the ball mill is, but the energy consumption is also large. However, if the ball filling rate is too high, it is easy to change the movement state of the ball, and reduce the impact effect on large particles. In production practice, most mines will set the filling rate at 45% ~ 50%, but this is only a rough range, because the actual conditions of each concentrator are not the same, blindly copying will not get the ideal grinding efficiency, which depends on the situation.

In addition, in the production practice, the grinding concentration can be controlled by controlling the feeding amount of the ball mill and the replenishing water of the ball mill, or adjusting and controlling the particle size composition and water content in the graded return sand, so as to help improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill.

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