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What kind of impact will the grinding material of the pulverizer not meet the requirements on the pulverizer?


Milling equipment is used more and more in the current industrial development. Different mills have different requirements for the materials that need to be milled. Usually, we usually pay attention to the output of the mill and the fineness and quality of the milled powder. However, it ignores the requirements of the pulverizer for the material. Today, Zoya Mining Machine will take you to understand what kind of impact the material does not meet the requirements will have on the pulverizer.
The material of the mill does not meet the requirements, which will cause some failure problems, which will affect the production of the mill and the mill itself and its life. The effects are as follows: 1. Fiber-containing materials are not easy to be damaged The grinding principle of the mill is to achieve crushing by extrusion. The fiber material is flexible and difficult to grind. The production efficiency of such materials is low and the electricity cost is high.
2. The hardness of the material is a hard requirement for the mill. All kinds of ores are generally hard in nature, and it is difficult for ordinary machines to grind them into powder. Industrial mills are of course improved in technical performance and advanced in technology. There are still certain requirements for hardness. Materials greater than grade 9.3 will cause serious wear of the grinding roller and ring. The higher the hardness, the lower the output.
3. If the feeding particle size is too large, the feeding port will be blocked, the burden on the grinding chamber will be increased, and the wear of the blade and grinding roller will be accelerated.
4. The water content is also clearly specified in the grinding of vertical industrial pulverizers. Because industrial pulverizers rely on wind to achieve screening, excessive humidity can easily cause problems such as sticking rollers and blockages, and the output is low, but it is not that the drier the raw materials, the better. , Because the humidity is too low, the powder flow rate in the grinding chamber is too fast, which will affect the quality of the finished product and cause too much coarse powder.
5. Metal ores generally have high hardness and uneven hardness. For most of metal ores, for purification, it is most suitable to choose a beneficiation ball mill. There is no need for grinding equipment such as Raymond machines. , but will seriously affect the output size.
6. The raw material is the material before grinding and it is easier to sort out, and it is difficult to completely separate the components after grinding, and if the foreign matter mixed in the raw material is iron, it will cause serious damage to the internal structure of the mill and cause unexpected failures.
In summary, it can be seen that in the industrial milling production of the mill, in addition to the clear requirements for the material on the grinding equipment, the mill also has clear regulations on the properties of the material. The mill, the grinding equipment and the grinding material reach a mutually suitable point, otherwise, various machine failure problems will occur. If the machine fails due to improper operation or material reasons, do not panic, turn off the power in time, and check under the knowledge of the technicians overhaul. Welcome to consult the technical staff of Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machinery.

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