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What is the price of nepheline ultrafine mill?


In the field of nepheline powder milling, Nepheline ultra-fine grinding machine is a well-recognized ideal deep processing equipment. Shanghai Joyal specializes in the research and development of ultra-fine grinding machine. For the demand of 600 mesh nepheline powder, Shanghai Joyal introduces high-quality superfine grinding machine with ideal performance to create a scientific and reasonable mill configuration plan and push cost-effective grinding. Powder machine price, this article will give you a detailed introduction to the ultrafine grinding machine of the nepheline powder production project.
Nepheline is a non-metallic mineral raw material. Its main components are aluminum and sodium silicate. The main features are silicon unsaturation, high alumina content and high sodium and potassium content. At present, with the gradual deepening of research on nepheline powder materials, the application value of nepheline powder in industrial production and daily life is gradually being excavated. The high-quality nepheline powder obtained by ultra-fine grinding machine can be used in downstream industrial production departments. It is an important raw material for the glass and ceramic industry, and can also be used as a raw material for refining aluminum, which has high market application value. At present, the field of nepheline powder is developing rapidly. The scale and refinement have become a major trend in the industry. In order to meet this production demand, Shanghai Joyal has launched the ultra-fine mill equipment with ideal quality in time. It has been widely used in practical applications.

Joyal ultra-fine grinding machine covers a number of patented technologies, with high technology content, product performance has reached the forefront of the industry, single machine capacity, high grinding efficiency, powder size, production capacity is stable, meet market demand, comprehensive crushing, grinding It integrates grading, drying and conveying. It has compact system layout, reasonable structure design, strong environmental adaptability, small floor space, open-air layout, advanced PLC electronic control system, high degree of automation, remote control and reduced labor cost. Low daily maintenance cost, high classification accuracy, narrow particle size distribution, uniform powder distribution, strong competitive strength in the finished product market, overall system sealing, low vibration and low noise, high-efficiency pulse dust collector, good dust control, ideal workshop for environmental protection and dust-free .
Xiaishi ultra-fine grinding machine is an ultra-fine grinding processing equipment with energy saving and high efficiency consumption. The fineness of finished products can be adjusted between 325-3000 mesh. Shanghai Joyal grinding equipment has comprehensive machinery such as rolling, grinding and impact. The pulverizing performance, the whole system adopts the semi-automatic control and unique technology, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, including the collection, storage, and packaging of crushing, conveying and milling to the finished product. It has strong system, strong applicability, and built-in host. The classification mechanism, the classification wheel structure is unique, the classification effect is good, the product granularity is good, no large particle pollution, the product quality is stable, and it is an ideal fine grinding equipment for carbon products. For specific equipment prices and efficiency, please call +86-21-68763311 for further inquiries.

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