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What is the function of the stone powder Raymond mill?


Stone powder, as the name suggests, the powder of stone. All kinds of metal and non-metal ores are called stones, but in real life, it is difficult for ordinary people to see the ores. Most of the things they see when traveling in mountainous areas are limestone and bluestone.

To process the stone into powder, you need the stone powder Raymond mill, and then apply it to different fields to play a role. The current stone powder plays a role in the fields of rubber, papermaking, coatings, plastic and aluminum profiles, ceramics, cement, glass, smelting, refractory materials, medicine, food, daily chemicals, cosmetics, and craft buildings.

Raymond stone powder mills are available in 3R2615, 3R2715, 3R3016, 4R3016, 4R3216, 5R4121 and other models. Raymond mill manufacturers hereby remind users that those who have purchased and used the stone powder Raymond mill for more than 6 months will have an impact on the central axis system, transmission, and The roller grinding device, the analysis engine oil pool, etc. should be cleaned and inspected. After the cleaning and inspection, sufficient lubricating oil should be added to each part. The equipment is maintained well to benefit.

Raymond mill is suitable for mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. It can treat limestone, calcite, barite, dolomite, potash feldspar, marble, talc, gypsum, kaolin, bentonite, phosphate rock, and manganese ore. , Iron ore, glass, ceramics, activated carbon, carbon black, refractory materials, insulation materials, chemical raw materials, etc. Mohs hardness is not greater than 7, and the humidity is less than 6% more than 300 kinds of non-flammable and explosive materials for grinding processing , The particle size of the finished product can be adjusted between 30-325 mesh.

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