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What equipment and uses are needed for white ash powder grinding


White ash powder is ground by a white ash powder mill and used in construction engineering, power plant desulfurization, concrete mixing plants, highways and other infrastructure construction. White ash powder is in powder form, and its content is mainly calcium oxide (CAO) and Magnesium oxide (MGO), these two substances play a decisive role in the strength of the lime fly ash gravel base layer, especially after the hydration reaction with fly ash, its content has a more significant impact, and a certain limit Increasing the dosage of lime can naturally increase the strength of lime-ash crushed stone. White ash is currently widely used in the market, and its investment, production and processing costs are relatively low.

The processing process of white ash powder: crushing, put the large white ash block into the jaw crusher or impact crusher for crushing. After grinding, the white ash is evenly delivered to the upper part of the turntable through the vibrating feeder, and then the eccentricity is fully ground in the mill. At this stage, the white ash can be processed into fine powder between 80-325 mesh. Its output can reach 50 tons per hour. For sieving, the limestone powder ground by the mill is ground through a vibrating screen, and the limestone powder that meets the mesh number is sieved out by the sieve. Those that do not meet will continue to be placed in the mill for grinding. Break up the packaging into finished products.
According to the hardness of the processed materials and the fineness and output of the discharged materials, the mill can be divided into Raymond mill, high-pressure medium-speed mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill, super-pressure mill, and three-ring medium-speed mill. There are six types of pulverizers.
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