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What are the technical advantages of trapezoidal mill performance to the advanced level?


Trapezium mill as a common grinding equipment, its technical performance to the advanced level, and Raymond Mill, ball mill, high pressure hanging roller mill has several major technical advantages:
1, the use of ladder roller and grinding ring to improve the efficiency of milling, the aircraft will be grinding roller and grinding ring designed to ladder, falling to the roller and grinding ring material between the speed of decline, thereby extending the material rolling time, Broken effect.

2, At present, the powder processing equipment, large-scale, energy-saving automation is still the international powder development trend, China’s machinery manufacturing industry should be a combination of powder and planning policies to adjust the grinding equipment, technical structure, speed up technological progress and technological innovation , Technical equipment to promote the progressive realization of modernization. Investment technology to solve a number of powder on the industrial development of key technologies and equipment modernization, improve equipment and product innovation, new product development and upgrading of old products have an important impact.
3, the characteristics can improve the accuracy of the classifier and high-density product separator impeller, practice shows that in the case of constant speed, increase the density of the blade can increase the fineness of finished products, in other words, the fineness of the finished product has not changed , The high-density low-density impeller speed is lower than the impeller, reducing the air resistance, the same power output to achieve up to 50%.
4, the development of environment-friendly economy, is to implement the scientific concept of development, economic growth and transformation, reduce the pressure on resources and environment to solve the revolutionary pollution. In the traditional to modern, from the planned economy to the market economy, from the seller to the buyer’s market, from resources to resource conservation and cost-based, to protect against environmental, architectural, environmental changes as the international market in the process of economic growth Severe challenge, in order to become a high-performance milling equipment.

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