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What are the reasons for the blockage of the dolomite mill?


The dolomite milling production line is a complex project with a large investment. Affected by various factors, the dolomite milling production line sometimes appears to be blocked now, which largely affects the smooth and stable operation of the dolomite milling operation. So what are the reasons? The dolomite material has an excessively large particle size. In the dolomite milling production line, each type of dolomite milling equipment has a corresponding feeding requirement for the feeding device. If the particle size of the dolomite material is too large, it exceeds the requirements of the feeding device. In the range, there will be a phenomenon that the jamming material is clogged, which affects the smooth progress of the next process of the milling operation; the operation method is improper. In order to increase the output of the dolomite milling production line, some users feed the equipment too fast and the feed rate is too large. In the case of uneven feeding, it is easy to cause the dolomite grinding equipment to the material. The processing capacity can not keep up with the feeding speed, so that a large amount of dolomite materials are accumulated in the grinding cavity, and the work difficulty of the dolomite grinding production line is increased, and the blockage phenomenon will inevitably occur for a long time; the blade wears seriously.

In dolomite milling, the main function of the blade is to shovel the material and then project it through the set angle to the grinding ring. In this process, the blade is a component that is in direct contact with the material. If the blade is seriously worn, it is impossible to shovel the material better, resulting in a large amount of material that cannot be fully ground, thereby forming a blocking material; The ring is severely worn. When the equipment is under high load for a long time, it is inevitable that the grinding roller has different degrees of wear. Once the grinding ring wear is severe, the production capacity of the dolomite mill will be greatly reduced, resulting in The occurrence of blockage of the dolomite mill production line.

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