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What are the production processes of calcium carbonate?


Calcium carbonate is a relatively common non-metallic ore. After being ground, calcium carbonate can be widely used in a variety of industries such as papermaking, medicine, and cosmetics. What are the production processes of calcium carbonate? Let ’s take a look together.

1. Calcium carbonate production process
The calcium carbonate milling process is relatively simple, and the milling process is roughly divided into: raw materials → feeding → crushing → lifting → milling → classification → collection, etc. The detailed steps are as follows:
Large pieces of calcium carbonate are processed by a jaw crusher to a particle size that can be fed into the mill, and then sent from the bottom to the top of the silo by a bucket elevator. The mill is fully ground. The ground calcium carbonate powder will be classified by the analysis machine, fan, etc. The unqualified fine powder will be returned to the mill for re-grinding. The powder that meets the requirements will be separated and collected in the dust collector with the pipe device, and finally sent to the finished product bin, and the powder can can be used to pack the car.

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