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What are the parts of the impact crusher?


Impact crusher is a very common mechanical equipment for ore crushing and processing. As a large-scale ore crushing and processing machinery equipment, the impact crusher is composed of a large number of parts. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd What are the important parts in the impact crusher? Joyal and everyone talk about the composition of the impact crusher.

The hammer of the impact crusher adopts high-chromium alloy material and the latest manufacturing technology. The unique structural design, the finished product is a cube, no tension and cracks, and the grain shape is quite good; it is a reliable high wear-resistant casting. We must pay attention to the impact hammer crusher wear to a certain extent should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to fasteners and other components.

The counterattack liner is an important vulnerable component of the impact crusher. After the liner wears, the anti-impact ability of the crusher deteriorates, often causing the liner to be shot down, and also causing the crusher to have lower sealing performance to generate larger dust. Therefore, Joyal reminded everyone to pay attention to the timing of the replacement of impact crusher liner, can not affect the normal operation of the impact crusher.

Counterattack crusher counterattack plate is generally welded steel plate, the counterattack surface is equipped with a wear-resistant liner, but it can also be used counterattack roller or plywood board composition, with quilted counter face, the product of fine-grain grade content Less, impact crusher equipment can increase production capacity, power consumption, counterattack board is the impact crusher in the need to focus on the parts.

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