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What are the new micro-grinding the following advantages?


Learn mining machinery industry, it is believed that the mill equipment is familiar with the new micro-grinding of painstaking research and development, the new design can be compared with the jet mill, successfully resolved the domestic use of a jet mill problem of high cost, It is a high-efficiency micro-mill.

Compared with the powder mill, the new powder mill has the following advantages:
1, powder mill used in large units range than jet mill.
2, the new micro-grinding roller mill other than the pressure in the high pressure spring, the material provided 800-1200kg, under the same production and fineness, energy consumption system is only one-third of the jet mill.
3, small investment, high efficiency, yield and fineness in the same circumstances, fine powder mill price is lower than the Jets.
4, less production processes, equipment and pulverized jet mill, jet mill compared to the material must first be crushed to a fine powder processed into 5mm to 20mm, less than 20mm directly from the high-pressure powder mill feed size, micro-grinding can be achieved the average particle size of less than 6.5mμ ~ 12.5mμ superfine powder.
5, multi-stage grinding apparatus as lap seal, has a good sealing performance.
6, the new micro-grinding dust effect depends entirely on the national emission standards.

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