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What are the main reasons for the blockage of the ultrafine mill?


Ultra-fine pulverizer is one of the more common equipment in pulverizers. It is a mechanical equipment used for material grinding. The ultra-fine pulverizer has a great auxiliary effect on our production and life. The characteristic of the superfine mill is that the product produced by the superfine mill is finer than other mills. What Shanghai JOYAL Mining Machinery wants to remind users is that the ultra-fine pulverizer may block the machine during use. So what are the main reasons for the blockage of the ultrafine mill?

1. Everyone knows that every model of ultra-fine pulverizer requires material properties within a specific range. When the humidity or viscosity of the material is relatively large, it exceeds this range, and the ultra-fine pulverizer cannot Normal grinding will cause clogging of the ultra-fine grinding machine.

2. If the dust removal device of the ultrafine mill fails, the dust collection cannot be achieved well, resulting in continuous accumulation of dust, which is also an important reason for the clogging of the ultrafine mill.

3. Poor exhaust of the pipes of the ultrafine mill equipment will cause the circulating airflow of the ultrafine mill to generate heat, which will cause the ultrafine mill to fail to grind normally and cause the machine to block. Then the temperature of the main current machine will rise, and the current of the fan will drop. Therefore, the pipeline needs to be treated in time.

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