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What are the different applications have different fineness of calcium carbonate?


Calcium carbonate, commonly known as lime powder, it is a white powder or an inorganic compound as colorless crystals, according to the different production methods, it can be divided into heavy calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate crystals come in many varieties calcium carbonate, and its distribution is widely used, it plays an important role in the cement, glass, rubber, paint, plastics, paper, ink and other industrial sectors. In these different industrial sectors using calcium carbonate, the classification is generally based on the degree of fragmentation, which is mainly composed of calcium carbonate pulverizer performance decision.

Calcium carbonate with different fineness of different applications:
Less than 200 mesh fineness: as a variety of feed additives. (A calcium content of 55.6 or more, and no harmful ingredients)
250 heads -300 Head: as a plastics factory, rubber factory, paint, refractory plants, indoor and outdoor painting materials applications.
350 mesh -400 mesh: it can be used to manufacture grips, water pipes, chemical and other industries.
400 mesh -600 mesh: it can be used in toothpaste and soap production.
800 Head: can be used in the manufacture of rubber, plastics, cables and other industrial products.
1250 Head: can be used in paints, paint-grade products, paper products such as primer.
As a professional mill equipment, the company specializing in the production of powder grinding machine, mainly ground calcium carbonate, limestone, talc, marble, calcite, dolomite, bentonite, bauxite and kaolin. The company has powder Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller grinding machine, the European version of the meal, vertical powder mill, ring medium speed micro-grinding, micro grinding equipment.

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