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What are the characteristics and price of micro-grinding?


Micro-grinding is a commonly used grinding equipment, it is constantly updated and replaced, the update of the micro-powder mill is very fast, the so-called update, require manufacturers to have better production capacity, good production technology and processing Quality, sales service system, improve the supply network, and ultimately get a good market share. Micro-grinding mill is Raymond Mill’s replacement product, which is characterized by what the price like?
Micro-grinding is a crushing device to increase the use of spring pressure, a cover cylinder, into the wind volute, grinding ring and bearing seat installed in the mill base, the motor installed in the roller through the spindle to drive the rotation of the roller and the blade And the spring pressing plate is connected with the roller hook by the screw. In addition, the talcum powder and the micro grinding powder are grinding brittle material of non-inflammable and explosive particles. Pressure characteristics and spring contact with non-wear parts roller, since the talc has been a lot of praise, it not only has a wide range of processing and application, and product size is moderate, easy to operate.
Ultra-fine grinding of the failure rate is low, all the internal wear parts made of high-quality wear-resistant materials for the development of China’s current situation is very suitable for the process material from the original ore to a qualified powder, the material can dry at the same time, Simple structure, easy to maintain, ultra-fine milling machines and accessories to facilitate the supply; low prices, investment and production operating costs.
How about the price of micro-grinding? This is based on your ability to request, get the size and size of the output and other factors, would like to know the details of the price, please leave a message in our website, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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