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Ultra – fine milling machine hydraulic system temperature is too high solution


First, in the design of attention to the design of a sufficient size of the fuel tank, if necessary, install the cooler, strictly control the system temperature in the range of 20-60 ℃, the maximum shall not exceed 70 ℃.

Second, in this one should improve the design, the use of variable pump or the correct way of unloading in order to control the problem of high oil temperature.
Third, the mill line as short as possible, should not be too slender, bent, as far as possible smooth flow of oil.
Fourth, the appropriate adjustment of the pressure regulator valve value, when the regulator set the value is high, it is best to reduce the working pressure to reduce unnecessary energy loss.
5, select the appropriate variety and viscosity of the hydraulic oil to prevent the hydraulic oil due to oxidation or low ambient temperature and viscosity becomes larger.

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