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Treatment of Raymond Mill


Raymond milling opportunities because of some improper operation or equipment wear and the emergence of various failures. When Raymond Mill machinery failure, what is the cause, but also need to do some kind of treatment?

1, the current increases, the host has abnormal vibration inside, because the equipment roller gland or not installed by the hydraulic load bar loading block caused by the block, then need to stop checking.
2, no powder or a small amount of powder, because the blade wear badly or lock the powder is not adjusted good seal lax, then need to replace the blade or adjust the lock powder seal.
3, the fan vibration, abnormal noise, need to check the anchor bolts, impeller wheel is loose, or fan blade surface dust accumulation is too thick, resulting in the choice of imbalance. It is necessary to tighten the bolts and impeller shafts or clean up the dust.
4, finished powder is too thick or too thin, because the analysis machine blade wear serious or fan air volume is not appropriate, then need to replace the leaves and adjust the air volume.
5, transmission and analysis machine fuel tank heat, because the oil viscosity is too thick, the screw pump to play improperly to cause the bearing lack of oil, then need to replace the oil.

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