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The work intensity of the energy-saving ball mill can cause two kinds of damage


    We know that any machine operation, we can not let them work too often, when the intensity reaches a certain limit, the work will happen unexpected failure. Similarly, energy-saving ball mill, if the device often does not need to be modified, which will make its internal heat rise, which will continue to consume the machine’s performance so that it does not work well like a man’s stomach, The arrival of the machinery factory to a certain extent should pay attention to a period of equipment maintenance. So finishing up, the reaction came, the cooling to do some work will be more insurance. Why do you say this way?
First, the expansion of the machine will make the energy of the grinding ball mill to restore the normal grinding order, on the other hand, the latter part of the solution will also be in the subsequent tasks, including ore quality and fineness of the impact of large, Normal work is not good. Second, the excessive expansion of energy-saving ball mill will destroy, especially the energy-saving ball mill, when the situation is particularly serious, there will be a large piece of ore and steel balls rolled out of the outlet, the so-called “first spit pull” for wet energy-saving ball mill There are plenty of talc from the ore block and the ball. Based on the above two cases, the gears and bearings will cause serious damage, in view of this situation, the operator must be standardized pre-sale training.


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