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The use of silicon carbide mill in the ceramic industry after grinding


In recent years, some ceramic companies have used wollastonite to optimize the quality of ceramic glazes, such as using wollastonite to improve the glaze quality of daily-use ceramic products. Experiments show that wollastonite is processed into powder by a pulverizer. After an appropriate amount of wollastonite is added to the glaze of daily-use ceramics, it can replace part of the raw materials of quartz and limestone, and can completely avoid the carbon dioxide gas caused by the decomposition of limestone. Glazing pinholes and glaze bubble defects.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application research of wollastonite is getting deeper and deeper. The improvement of wollastonite grinding method and the acquisition of ultra-fine wollastonite powder will continue to open up new application fields of wollastonite. At present, the wollastonite grinding process has been used to produce ceramic tiles, translucent handicrafts, art ceramics, daily fine pottery, multi-space ceramics in special ceramics, low-loss electromagnetics, ceramic molds, etc. In the construction and sanitary ceramic industry, it can produce colorful glazed wall and floor tiles, mosaic tiles, sanitary ware and some glaze semi-products, which has formed a great progress. In the future, it is necessary for ceramic enterprises around the world to strengthen further research and development on wollastonite, and gradually expand its scope of use. With the continuous advancement and improvement of ceramic technology, wollastonite raw materials will have greater uses in the ceramic industry in the future.

At present, the application of wollastonite in building sanitary ceramics has proved that wollastonite can be widely used in the ceramic industry. At present, there are not many natural wollastonite raw materials stored on the earth, so they often need to be processed by mineral grinding processes, such as beneficiation and grinding, magnetic screening of dry or wet ore, spiral separation method, flotation method, etc. In order to refine the wollastonite ore body to the purity of industrial raw materials.

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