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The specific role of the grinding rollers in the powder mill


As a common mill equipment, mill equipment demand for constantly increasing, powder mill roller wear part belong, could lead to breakage and fatigue fracture stratification. Only a certain toughness and relatively high hardness materials, grinding rolls is likely to wear. Therefore, when considering raising roller hardness and toughness of the material must be taken. In order to improve the toughness of metallic materials, can improve the ability of anti-stripping roller, thereby improving the wear roller, roller material often used chilled, including ordinary white cast iron alloy and high-alloy white cast iron.


 Powder mill grinding roller and grinding ring is the main moving parts for grinding materials, when the machine work, you can improve the grinding effect appropriate material, but also help improve grinding efficiency, improve production efficiency and reduce grinding equipment of consumption. Grinding ring can also be used to protect the cylinder, which directly protect the cylinder to avoid friction losses. At the same time, you can adjust the roller and the feed size gap between the different, to obtain the desired fineness and yield. At present, we always follow the current development of mining machinery in the future, we will use energy-saving and environmentally friendly production as the focus of investment. This view is put forward not only provides advanced technical support, but also provides a safer, more efficient production equipment to improve the technological content and added value.

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