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The role of the rotary air ring of the coal mill


As we all know, in recent years, my country’s grinding industry has been developing continuously. Grinding equipment has many applications in the market and has a very wide development in many fields. Raymond coal mill is a thermal power plant for processing pulverized coal during power generation. It can be used to process materials with medium hardness. In addition to processing pulverized coal, this equipment can also be used to process powder materials in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. It can be described as a multi-purpose machine. If you don’t know much about it, then this article will analyze the problem of the coal mill’s air ring by the mill manufacturer, Zhuoya Mining Machine. What is the function of the coal mill’s rotating air ring? Let’s take a look together.

The role of the rotary air ring of the coal mill
1. The function of the rotating air ring of the coal mill is to form a rotating airflow after the wind enters the pulverizer, so that the wind can fully contact the coal to achieve the effect of heating the coal, so as to better dry the coal;
2. The wind speed of the rotating air ring of the coal mill is between 15 and 20m/s, which is related to the particle size of the pulverized coal milled by the mill. The higher the wind speed, the finer the fineness;
3. The coal raw material enters between the surfaces of the two grinding parts from the coal falling pipe. Under the action of pressure, it is squeezed and ground into pulverized coal. Due to the rotation of the grinding part, the pulverized coal is ground. It is thrown to the air ring, and the hot air enters the drying space through the air ring to dry the pulverized coal;
After reading the above analysis of the rotary air ring of the coal mill by Raymond mill manufacturer Zhuoya Mining Machine, and the function of the rotary air ring of the coal mill, everyone should have further questions about the air ring of the coal mill. Got it. If you need more consultation, please consult the online customer service of JOYAL mining machine.

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