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The price of talc ultrafine mill and its dust-proof treatment


Talc is finally applied in a powder state. The processing technology required for talc processing is fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right grinding equipment to improve the unfavorable situation. Talcum powder as papermaking filler generally requires relatively high fineness, the fineness of the material must reach 300 mesh, and the whiteness requirement is above 90%, which can meet the requirements of the papermaking process, which requires the equipped milling equipment and the strength of the finished product. To meet the fineness requirement of 300 meshes, the existing Raymond mill, vertical mill, and ultra-fine mill of our factory can meet the problem of high product particle size. The specific type of mill to be selected also needs to have the user’s talc powder According to the output, the manufacturers who only provide talcum powder to the paper mill can choose the general small-scale grinding equipment according to the situation. If there are many suppliers and the demand is large, they can choose the large-scale grinding machine for production and processing.

In terms of equipment production capacity, the output of a piece of equipment often determines the income of the factory. The output of ultra-fine grinding is different for different materials. Therefore, we must first determine our own actual needs, and make according to the needs. Choose the right model so as not to delay the construction period.

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