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The importance and necessity of technology ultrafine mill


Cement, paints, ceramics, metallurgy, chemical, food, magnetic materials and so on and superfine powder processing equipment related to ball mill is the key equipment for grinding material crushing, ball mill ultra-fine processing technology can be widely used in a variety of minerals and raw materials. Each year, developed countries invest sufficient funds in powder processing and application of research to support Superfine ball mill, especially in recent years, it has become the main direction of development of scientific research and research and development institutions and professional companies. In the practical application of engineering, industrial waste treatment is usually “pre-treatment” which uses ultra-fine grinding method to activate the surface of the material to produce “small size effect”, “surface and interfacial effect” and “quantum size effect” thus becoming a new functional materials, they fully explain the importance and necessity of ultra-fine grinding mill technology.

Previously, China’s economy is no ultra-fine powder processing equipment, so rich in non-metallic minerals and ores have a very low export prices or export after roughing. However, China is a country rich in kaolin, due to our lack of advanced processing equipment and sophisticated production technology, we have to spend a lot of money each year to buy foreign products. But now, China enjoys advanced technology, which is very beneficial to our development. With the development of science and technology, non-metallic mineral resources, more and more into all walks of life, it also marks the technical level of a country. China’s use of a ball mill in a multi-mill production line, so that the fineness of the finished product to a new standardized indicators.

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