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The face of economic slowdown, hammer crusher industry how to break through the dilemma


This year, with cement, steel and other unprecedented bleak market, the development of the crusher industry into the “deep end”, each enterprise shouted, “vulnerable”, but with a corresponding decline in the overall market is a high-performance, high innovative crusher share has significantly improved, suggesting that the new high-performance crusher equipment will become the undisputed market mainstream.
The current world economy has entered a period of adjustment to slow overall demand scale backdrop to bring the global market has shrunk, countries have varying degrees of “foot” craze, in this situation, China crusher industry can not leave things to chance, blindly pursuit of scale, coupled with recent years, national security, energy efficiency, the objective existence of innovative demand, so the crusher industry, we must break the traditional thinking, for the early realization of the upgrading of products.


As the first to recognize the innovation and development can bring the most innovative firm support Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is recognized as a model for the industry. The company more than a decade on the development and production of the crusher always keep innovation to produce jaw crusher, cone crusher, cone crusher and other products have obtained national patent, currently Shanghai Joyal crusher equipment acquired great recognition of the market, exported to Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, dozens of countries and regions.

In recent years, some Chinese companies repeatedly referred to innovation, but the effect is very general, then in the end how innovation? Experts pointed out, we must realize innovations in technology, products, and will be the world’s most advanced technology to lead to the development and production, to create a differentiated product, and through the clear positioning technology research and development system, product target customer base and market growth, the competitiveness of the final product terminal market firmly in their own hands, and thus enhance the market share.

Winter market to the crusher industry to bring more than just slow down, to find a new direction, more importantly, to enhance brand awareness, such as Shanghai Joyal   of ZYS series cone crusher, thereby increasing competitiveness in the market and enhance resilience to external crises, while greatly reducing the risk of customers.

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