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The different types of limestone grinders are adjustable in production and fineness


There are three main types of limestone grinding machine: Raymond Mill, high-pressure mill and micro-powder mill. Raymond Mill is a popular mill equipment, you may not hear the other two grinding machine, but you may hear the message about Raymond Mill. Raymond Mill is suitable for low and medium capacity and the output size varies from 35 to 325 mesh. High-pressure grinding machine in the actual application of the most, it Raymond Mill on the basis of improvements, but the capacity and output size has been expanded. The maximum yield of 22 tons per hour finished fineness of 425 head. Micro-powder mill is an ultra-fine grinding machine, finished fineness of up to 2500 head. But its yield is the smallest, at most only 6500 kilograms / hour. In short, different mills have their own advantages and disadvantages, when you choose one, you should weigh the actual production needs.

As a limestone grinder, Raymond Mill is adjustable and adaptable not only in changing patterns but also in changing models. For example, we often choose the right type according to production requirements. If the required capacity is large, we choose a large model. When we buy the machine to go home and start working, the capacity and output size can still be adjusted, and this adjustment can be very useful if production needs change.
When the wear is present, the adjustment will be limited. Raymond Mill has no way to control this problem, but Raymond Mill can have a high pressure. In the Raymond Mill on the basis of improved high-pressure mill, can increase the length of high-pressure springs to keep the distance between the roller ring and the roller ring constant, in addition, a large adjustable spring device through the high-pressure compared.

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