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The correct operation method of the strong pressure mill is simple to understand


The high-pressure pulverizer is mainly composed of the main machine, reducer, powder separator, fan, bag filter, pipeline device, powder collector, motor, etc. The complete set of supporting equipment consists of jaw crusher, bucket elevator, feeding Machine, storage bin, electric control cabinet, etc., mainly suitable for metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other mineral products and various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9 and humidity below 6%. grinding process. Today we mainly talk about the correct operation method of the forced pressure mill.
Before starting the forced-pressure mill, check whether there are iron debris in the machine, close the large and small observation doors, adjust the steering of the fan and the main engine, and the exhaust valve should be in the fully open position. Check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, especially the bolts and nuts in the main engine should be strictly checked. Start the analyzer first, then start the fan, and then start the main engine. After starting the main engine, feed materials immediately, then open the valve with a large air volume, and gradually close the exhaust valve. Under the premise of ensuring that the material does not spray powder, the exhaust should be closed as small as possible. valve. Then adjust the fineness of the finished product. When shutting down, stop feeding for about one minute, then stop the main machine, then stop the fan, and then stop the analysis machine.
Shanghai Joyal Miner is a manufacturer of crushers and mills. It has produced and sold mills for many years and has rich experience. Therefore, Joyal Miner reminds you that the feeding should be even, according to the load of the host under different feeding amounts ( Observe the host ammeter) to test the high output. It is strictly forbidden for bolts and other iron pieces to enter the machine. The mill manufacturer introduced that the central shaft bearing of the main machine of the forced pressure mill is refueled every 4 shifts, and the blower bearing is refueled once a month. The maximum room temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 70┬░C. If the bearing is found to be overheated, the bearing and bearing chamber and other accessories shall be cleaned once.

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