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The calcium hydroxide ZYM100 micro powder mill was successfully


installed and operated smoothly at the customer’s production site
This year is an extraordinary year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, businesses in various industries are struggling. Although the domestic epidemic has been controlled, the foreign epidemic has begun to break out again. All of our staff at Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery are Everyone prays that they must spend 2020 safely.

Although this year’s business is not easy to do, our Shanghai Joyal has accumulated a certain number of contacts and repeat customers based on the advantages of its products over the years. During the outbreak, we will continue to receive orders from customers. Congratulations to customers for ordering calcium hydroxide ZYM100 The micro powder mill was successfully installed and operated smoothly at the customer’s production site. The final output size met the customer’s requirements. The customer was very satisfied with our mill. Thanks to this friend for choosing our products during the epidemic. We are very grateful, although The mill is installed for the customer, but our service has not been terminated. The customer can communicate with us in any time during the use of the problem. We will resolve it to the customer as soon as possible without delaying the production progress of the customer.
In this sluggish 2020, I hope everyone can grapple with their teeth, and thank those friends who have always supported and trusted us. Shanghai Joyal will continue to improve ourselves and do better.