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The application of montmorillonite bentonite and what processing equipment to choose


Smectite bentonite is a clay rock mainly composed of smectite minerals or smectite minerals reaching the available content. Bentonite is widely used in industry, and can be used in chemical industry, building materials, food, petroleum exploration, textile, papermaking, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industries. Organic bentonite is mainly used in paint and ink, oil drilling, polymer active filler, sewage treatment and other fields. The amount of organic bentonite in my country is relatively large.
Organic bentonite is used in oil drilling, and can be used as a preparation of oil-based mud and a sticking agent to increase the consistency of the mud, improve the dispersion and suspension of the mud. Polymer active filler: organic bentonite is used as a filler for tires, rubber sheets and other rubber and some plastic products. The use of organic bentonite as a rubber filler is a new technology in the 1980s, and it is widely used in the former Commonwealth of Independent States, the United States, Britain and other countries. The organic bentonite for rubber (also called modified bentonite) developed by the Research Institute of Jilin Chemical Industry Company was tested in Huadian, Jilin, Changchun, Jihua and other tire factories. reduce accordingly.
The general process of bentonite processing is: raw ore → crushing → dispersion → modification (sodiumization) → purification → covering with ammonium salt → rinsing → dehydration → drying → crushing → packaging. The bentonite is evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for primary crushing. After the primary crushing, the bentonite is sent to the cone crusher by a belt conveyor for secondary crushing. The bentonite material after secondary crushing is screened by a circular vibrating screen. The qualified bentonite is sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and the unqualified bentonite is returned to the cone crusher for further crushing, and the material in the coarse bin is sent to the mill for grinding to the required particle size, which is what we need bentonite powder.
The equipment required for bentonite milling processing mainly includes: jaw crusher, cone crusher, Raymond mill. However, this is only one of the matching methods, and you can also choose equipment according to your needs.
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