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Tell you some common sense about YGM high pressure mill


If you want to produce stone powder, you can’t do without high-pressure mill. There are six models of YGM high-pressure mill produced by Shanghai Joyal. Next, Shanghai Joyal will tell you some common knowledge about YGM high-pressure mill. Right.

Can material wet energy use YGM high-pressure mill? Generally, as long as the humidity of the material is below 6%, the YGM mill can be used, but the humidity of some materials has far exceeded this index, so it is necessary to equip a dryer. If you add it to the mill without grinding, it will easily cause the material to clog. The final particle size of our YGM high-pressure mill produced by Shanghai Joyal can be adjusted between 30-425 mesh, and can grind a variety of materials suitable for market requirements.
Whether your YGM high-pressure mill has uneven discharge. If this problem occurs, it is necessary to check whether the blade is worn. The blade wear directly affects the uniformity of the discharge. So as not to delay time and affect the output.

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