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Superfine mill and the difference between the main mill in what? Why is it good?


Superfine mill main motor drive through the reducer drive spindle and layer turntable rotation, turntable driven by the pin dozens of ring roll in the ring raceway rolling and rotating. Material through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder to the material evenly to the middle of the turntable, the material in the role of centrifugal force scattered toward the circumference, and fall into the raceway ring roller ring roll stamping, rolling, grinding and crushing, material After crushing the first layer and falling into the second and third layers, the suction of the high-pressure centrifugal fan sucks the outside air into the machine and brings the coarse powder that has passed through the third layer into the separator. In addition, the host does not have any internal bolts, bearings and seals, the raw material access to the media less chance. The worm flow generated by the rotating worm wheel in the separator will cause the coarse particles to regain and regrind. The fine powder will then enter the cyclone collector through the air flow and be discharged by the lower discharge valve. The final assembly is in line with the national standard of pulse dust removal Device, so that no pollution emissions, the environment clean.

The main advantage is that the investment cost is low. In the case of the same fineness, jet mill than less investment, low cost, short recovery cycle. High output of flour The same finished fineness and power consumption, more than 45% higher than the jet mill and mixing mill. Vulnerable parts wear low. All wearing parts are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, wear-resistant parts than ordinary milling machine long life, generally more than one year. Mill cavity operation safe and reliable. Ultrafine mill compared with ordinary mill, the mill cavity without rolling bearings, no screws, so there is no bearing and other seals vulnerable to the problem, to avoid the screw easily loosen the problem of the machine. Vulnerable parts wear low. Tricyclic medium speed wear all wearing parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant parts than ordinary mill long service life, generally more than one year.

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