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Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a good mine crushing equipment


The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a simple and compact shape. Through the design structure of the single-cylinder at the bottom, the three important functions of the discharge port for direct adjustment, prevention of over-iron and clear cavities are completed. Therefore, the stone crusher has no external discharge port adjustment mechanism, no external hydraulic cylinder or spring anti-over-iron device, and the overall shape structure is simple and compact.

This device uses a unique crushing cavity shape and lamination crushing principle to generate the crushing effect between particles, so that the proportion of cubes in the finished product is significantly higher, the number of needle-shaped stones is reduced, the grain size is more uniform, and the high swing frequency is large. The slope steep slope cone design makes the throughput of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher break 40% larger than that of the ordinary cone. In addition, the feed inlet of the machine is also larger than the ordinary cone crusher, so it will be destined for the production capacity of the machine. Higher than that of general cone-cracking equipment; the efficient operation of this machine relies not on the optimization of the individual components or on the quality of the individual components, but on the perfect fit between the entire structures, by matching the crushing cavity type, eccentricity and the movement parameters. , To achieve a higher production efficiency, better product quality, combined with optimized strength design, high-quality parts and materials, so that the carrying capacity of the equipment is stronger, so that the crushing ratio is greater, and the ability to pass through is stronger.
Shanghai Joyal Mining Machine strictly controls the production process of the equipment and produces it in accordance with the relevant national requirements. It uses high-quality alloy raw materials for production, and the ex-factory equipment passes the national quality system.

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