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Since the balance of advantage crusher


Crusher work process due to deflection of the hammer will change the distribution of mass of the rotor, hammer wear and mineral adhesion occurs, design and manufacturing process to produce the original imbalance and other reasons make the crusher opportunity arises imbalances , resulting in equipment vibration, reducing equipment life. The crusher is very similar to the centrifugal force of the vibrator automatic balancing device in the structure, and therefore self-balancing. Here is the study and analysis of Asian Capital experts on this phenomenon of self-balancing.

Principle crusher centrifugal force transducer automatic balancing device is the use of the principle of self-centering of the rotor. Automatic balancing device has two oscillators, for example, each oscillator can be rotated about the hinge point. In the case of non-eccentric, which are radially arranged transducer will under the action of centrifugal force, at this time can not afford to balance the transducer or eccentric. In the case of eccentricity, the run at critical speed, the transducer location away from vibration heart, played a role in reducing the original eccentricity, vibration damping in order to achieve balance. Exacerbate run at sub-critical speed when the degree of eccentricity, the amplitude of the oscillator system is increased, which is disadvantageous for the system. Automatic balancing device which is the equivalent of a disc with six transducers in critical speed operation, the transducer will play a role in reducing the original imbalance, which reduces vibration system, which is extremely beneficial for the system. And running under subcritical speed, the hammer will hammer deflection system automatically generates a huge vibration.
In the crusher design, so that it should be in a critical speed running. If running in critical speed, then the startup and shutdown process will occur on a large vibration peak (resonance), and therefore may be a simple experimental device for measuring the value of its critical speed. Therefore, in the design to make it run at critical speed, can play the role of self-balancing vibration damping, which is how the vibration crusher rotor system provides a great reference value.

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