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Shanghai Joyal will introduce to you how to produce purer and higher quality kaolin


Kaolin has a very wide range of applications in our country. It can be used in daily life such as papermaking, ceramics, electrical porcelain, construction, plastics, coatings, etc., so it is very popular. Because of the production of these products, it is necessary to grind the kaolin very finely, so kaolin Flour mills are naturally in short supply. However, most of the coal-based kaolin in our country has to be calcined or modified before it can be applied to various aspects. However, due to the increasing demand for kaolin, the production technology has been continuously improved, and various production equipment have emerged. , Such as ultra-fine mills, magnetic separators, modifiers, calcination equipment, etc.

The kaolin calcining processing production process belongs to the field of non-metallic mineral processing. The first is beneficiation. The ore is crushed and ground into powder below 325 mesh. Then put the powder into the slurry tank, add water and dispersant, stir and make the slurry, and carry out superfine pulverization to 4500-6000 mesh; then the superfine pulverized slurry is dried and dispersed, and then sent to the calciner for calcination. During calcination, 1-3% of the total weight of the whitening aid is added. The whitening aid is composed of clean coal, sodium sulfate and sodium chloride, and is mixed by weight of 10:0.3:0.2. The calcination temperature is 970-990℃, and the time is 30-40 minutes; finally, it is broken and packaged into finished products.

Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can customize different kaolin production lines according to customer needs. Some need to burn and then grind, and some need to grind and then burn. We can all customize. Our high-pressure mills and trapezoidal mills can grind kaolin to a fineness of 3000 mesh. Not only the grinding is finer, but also according to the current situation of your kaolin, it will teach you to use other equipment to produce purer and higher-quality kaolin.

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