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Shanghai Joyal teach you how to save the cost of mineral processing


1, rational design of mineral processing production line – the installation of mineral processing equipment and process design, the ore or other raw materials with physical and chemical methods, so that useful minerals and gangue or impurity effectively separated to meet the smelter or other users of the product Requirements of the production process design.
2, a reasonable choice of mine site – choose to avoid land acquisition and construction of the demolition of land. If the concentrator is built on the mountain, try to ensure that the pulp can be self-flow, saving a lot of pulp transport costs.
3, a reasonable choice of mineral processing equipment – the selection of good quality, high efficiency, energy saving effect, a high degree of automation equipment, wear resistance, long life can reduce the cost of equipment consumption, equipment, long life and reduce production and maintenance costs ; Energy-saving effect can be a significant cost savings, and a high degree of automation of mineral processing equipment can also save labor costs.
4, a reasonable choice of ore – the ore to be selected to reduce the amount of waste rock transport, reduce transportation costs. Effective cost control for enterprises to bring a huge competitive advantage, but also because of the cost advantage and rapid development.
The above is often used in mine management, several commonly used to reduce the cost of mineral processing measures, of course, there are many ways to reduce the cost of mineral processing, need to further explore and summarize.

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